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Wed 2009/01/28 9:32pm
A 1:1 scale gundam rx-78 was built at the Gundam Crisis attraction at Fujikyu Highland, Japan back in 07 and its still the hotest toy they built. 2nd comming in with the full cockpit gundam arcade game. There is however a cockpit inside this monster gundam and looks just like the one in the anime. From looking at the pics i think its a walk around museum which they give you a card and have you run around to check points.I personally havent seen it yet, but comming this summer i will. Some pics to enjoy:

Wed 2009/01/28 9:12pm

No gundam shops near your house? Well your in luck as hlj ( has the worlds widest selection of gundams which is located in japan. I usually buy gundams off them when i cant the ones i need. A deffinate good site to take a good look at.
Wed 2009/01/28 8:54pm

Some of the newest gundams out so far. some are a few months back, but hey, bandai only realeases a few each year. most are just reversions (dont know how much longer they can keep on doing it since i tihnk they already made models out of every gundam now)

MG 1/100 Shin Musha Gundam (from the ps3 game *gundam dynasty). Very nice, one of the best models yet* (Originally Released:June 2008)

1/100 GN-006 Cherudim Gundam (gundam 00 series gundam. not a bad looking gundam) (Originally Released:January 2009)

1/100 MG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Ver.2.0 HD Color Ltd Edition zeta. cant tell the difference from the old one, but hell, its one of the best looking gundams out there)(Originally Released:January 2009)

1/100 MG G Fighter (from the rx-78 gundam)(Originally Released:January 2009)

1/100 MG Force Impulse Gundam (i like it :) from gundam seed)(Originally Released:May 2008)

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