Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Music Jap/Kor/Ch HI FI

gundam world and me
gundam world
From time to time i buy cds. mainly japanese anime cds. once i have time ill organize this section.

scroll all the way down to the hi fi section

here is part of my cd collection. most of it is in the garage packed away till i move this year.


bought these today jan 28 09

(image comming soon)

bought these today jan 10 09


Also a hi fi geek. i love listening to anime and chinese music as i do my homework or when i relaxe.

my setup include:

bryston br intergrated amp

martin logan stylos - from 1999 til now and still rockin.

verrastar cable setup from power to speaker to rca- uncle lent it to me. suppose to be worth a few thousand 0.0 ?

and my cd player which is hooked up to a dvd player i got back in hk

planning on getting a shangling cd player when i save enough.

protecting all this stuff is a belkin protector

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