Wednesday, January 28, 2009


gundam world and me
gundam world
Want to Know about me?

Names jason; i grew up in Hong Kong, and moved form place to place from uk to usa and now canada where i go university.

Why you like gundams so much?

Well i never did like gundams when i was little even when i passed gundams stores as i was hooked on ULTRA MAN and LEGOS until i was about 10. Thats when one of my friends intoduced me into modelling. Thats when i took on the craze and bought model after model. I dont build much for myself as i have no money, but i do build gundams for friends and people on crigslist who want my skills. up to date i probably built around 80-90 from hg to mg to pg and also resin.

ok enough talk here are some pics.

vancouver city. where i live in :)

Where i go school

My room where i do my work and also gundam building ^^ (not much of a room, more like an office)

what it looks like on a busy day

my painting room and where i keep 3/4 of my gundams. mostly leave the mg's in the house in almost all the rooms.

more to come

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